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How We Work

With +10 years of experiences we design three different ways to work with us.

  • Gift Shops   • Pets Store   •Jewelry Store   • Souvenir Shop   • Custom Shop   • Awards Creators   • Wedding Planners   • Professional Photographers   • Funerary Services 

Take your own bussines


If you want to be successful in one of the most profitable markets of our century, this may be your opportunity. Especially affordable for individuals, the market for personalized items has no limits, from corporate gifts, weddings, birthdays and all kinds of events, activities or holidays. It will be very easy for you to find your ideal target having to offer such an adaptable, unique, unforgettable and spectacular collector’s item.

Unike Love Can be the answer

Unike Love business model allows you to easily expand. We think you’ll find that running a single Unike Love kiosk is so trully simple, you’ll want to establish a presence in more than one shopping mall.

An Unique Opportunity

If you are looking for a business opportunity selling a luxurious and unique product with excellent profit margins.
We love selling Customized Items so much, we are offering the right individuals the perfect business opportunity with unlimited market potential.

You will be supported

You will be supported by our knowledgeable and experienced team from the beginning, who will make sure that your new business is set up correctly and that you are able to deliver an extremely high quality 3D crystal product to all your customers.

We only work at the highest standards. Using K-9 High Quality Crystals, precius stones, metals and the fines wood. We ensure satisfaction, durability and good reviews. Bring nothing but the best to every single client.


Our products have a well-established sales model in which each customer is offered a personalized product, always striving to maintain as much attention to detail and design as possible. This is what differentiates us from other brands on the market.

100% Customizable

The main attraction of our product is its customization. Since the client together with the seller will be able to establish a connection with the crystal, uniting memories and moments in a piece that will last forever on the shelf of a special person. Each piece is unique and special.

Sales and Techniques

With 9+ years of experience in the market of personalization, we are able to offer expert advice and training on any aspect of your business. Feel free to join the team and get access to our Video Tutorial University and live advisory.

Laser Operator Training

If you want to run an efficient, hassle-free laser room, it’s vital that your operators have the best training to help them in their role, especially when it comes to 3D file preparation and laser maintenance.

2D and 3D Laser Design

We can provide 180 and 360 degree file preparation using our proprietary software. Training can be in the form of tutorials, problem-solving, and technical troubleshooting advice, regardless of the laser type being used.

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